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A Statement of Vision, Mission, and Values of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

Vision: Where we want to go. Mission: How we are going to get there. Values: Principles that keep us on track.


We strive to be a body of people who love God and each other, advancing God's work of healing individuals, society and all creation; and inviting everyone to join with us.


We connect people with God by sharing the Good News through: 

  • Welcoming them into our community.

  • Reaching out to tend to those in need.

  • Worshiping frequently and in a variety of ways.


We value flexibility in both worship and ministry.  We are willing to make adjustments to meet the needs of our members and those of the community.  If a new endeavor does not work we are willing to scrap it, learn from the experience, and try something else.


There is an atmosphere of genuine warmth among the members of our church.  Members personally welcome guests in worship services.  As well, they provide an outpouring of support for those in time of personal need whether it be a member of the church or members of our local, national, or international


We believe that it is critical for members to be involved in decision making regarding the life and vision of the church.  Our lay leaders are representative of the congregation and make a genuine effort to provide frequent and transparent communication and engage with members when decisions need to be made.  We work to maintain a healthy tolerance of differing opinions and beliefs.  When conflicts arise, we work to find resolution together.  

Lay Leadership

Personal Spirituality

Our members believe in living out their faith in God.  Our faith is the foundation for how we both worship and interact with the world around us.  Our individual spirituality deeply influences how we live and move and have our being.

We recognize that Christian Formation is both an important and  life-long process.  We acknowledge that we have work to do in order to provide formation opportunities for members at different ages and stages of life.  



We genuinely enjoy coming together as a community to worship!  Shared worship and music engages and energizes us.  We embrace variety in both our music and worship experiences, while respecting the richness of our tradition.


We strive to provide opportunities for members (together or as individuals) to engage in active ministry within the church and wider communities (i.e. local, diocesan, international).  We recognize that we could be more supportive by articulating ministry opportunities, encouraging discernment, and guiding members to engage in active ministry that matches their individual gifts.




We believe that all people are beloved children of God.  While we pride ourselves on being a welcoming community, we are beginning a journey to discern how we can be more intentionally and explicitly inclusive as we continue to work towards equitable access for all (some examples include, but are not limited to, establishing gender neutral bathrooms, adding pronouns to nametags, and developing a “welcome” statement). 

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