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Collaboration with New Clergy

Holy Spirit has a history of being willing to adjust how it goes about its ministry. We have demonstrated flexibility and adaptability, not only on the journey to become Holy Spirit, but also as we meet the needs of our members and community.

This word cloud illustrates what our members most often said when asked to describe the Holy Spirit community.


Effective leadership at Holy Spirit requires establishing a common ground for this work by building mutual trust and a collaborative relationship, expecting input from all involved. Our new rector can further inspire the congregation through engaging preaching, and by finding ways to be involved as a facilitator and delegator. The rector must be prepared to extend pastoral care to individuals and families at times of special need, and to cooperate with other local Episcopal churches and faith communities, leading us in prayer and action on behalf of mercy, peace, justice and creation care. 


Clergy at Holy Spirit will find inspiration and meaning in leading an inclusive liturgy and will use the musical gifts that distinguish Holy Spirit to enhance worship and programming. In our diverse congregation, we respect tradition but also like to try new things. We seek to explore other forms of worship and spiritual practice, such as outdoor services and other creative approaches to spiritual enrichment.  


A great constant at Holy Spirit is a hunger for shared worship experiences that call on all we have to give. This is what prepares us to travel the road ahead together in faith.

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