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Parish Profile



The people of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church are engaged in the process that will lead us to call a new rector for the parish. Our entire community is united in prayer for guidance at this time, but two groups have been appointed by the Vestry to complete the major tasks involved in this search: The Profile Committee is responsible for this report, and the Search Committee will review applicants and recommend candidates to the Vestry.


This Profile has three goals:

  1. Introducing Holy Spirit to anyone who chooses to be a candidate for our next rector.

  2. Reflecting to the congregation what we have learned together about where Holy Spirit stands at this time.

  3. Guiding the Search Committee in its work.


In producing this profile, the committee has gathered information from several sources, including the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT); listening sessions with the parish; conversations with leaders of various church programs; and the parish’s website, records and archives. The profile contains information and photos, as well as links to the Holy Spirit website and to some external resources. 


This profile is an overview of Holy Spirit, not a complete picture. Our story includes information about how we functioned normally, how we adapted to pandemic restrictions, and our hopes for the future.


Some users will skim this profile, and others will read it more closely. We hope that it will be a thought-provoking representation of Holy Spirit that will help us to travel the road ahead together in faith.


Applicants should contact: Rich Simpson, Canon to the Ordinary at

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